Lab Testing

The number of consumers who wish to become better informed about their own health is on the rise and the demand for consumer-initiated testing has increased. You choose the testing you want, insurance is not accepted. You can pay with cash, debit card, credit card, FSA, or HSA card.

To serve these consumers, Enhance Wellness offers lab testing for certain conditions.

Enhance Wellness provides convenient, confidential, reliable, and affordable lab testing for consumers to take control of their healthcare costs and provide them access to their health information.

All lab tests are performed by nationally recognized and CLIA Certified laboratories

Test Name Test Price
Women’s Health Panel (CMP, CBC, Lipid panel (cholesterol), HbA1c (diabetes), TSH (thyroid), routine urinalysis) $195
Men’s Health Panel (CMP, CBC, Lipid panel (cholesterol), HbA1c (diabetes), Total testosterone, routine urinalysis) $195
General Health Panel (CMP, CBC, routine urinalysis) $95
Blood Type $39
Complete Blood Count (CBC) with Diff/Platelet $45
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) $49
COVID-19 Antibody Test $140
Hepatitis Profile $100
Hepatitis B Surface Antibody-Quantitative Titer $40
Hemoglobin A1c $45
Lipid Panel (cholesterol) $55
MMR Titer (measles immunity) $40
Pregnancy Test- Serum-Includes Fetal Age $35
PSA Total $45
Rheumatoid Arthritis Factor $45
Routine Urinalysis $20
Testosterone-Free, Direct, with total $75
Testosterone-Total $45
Thyroid Profile II (includes free thyroxine+T4, T3 Uptake, TSH, T3, thyroid antibodies) $150
TSH $45
Varicella-Zoster V AB, IGG Titer $45